Ride on suitcase brand, Trunki have acquired the global licence to TeeBee, a toybox and play tray and will be proudly produced at its UK manufacturing facility Magma Moulding in Plymouth.

Teebee is a toybox that turns into a lap tray enabling kids to bring their creativity and nick-nacks with them on the go. Bust the boredom on car journeys, eating out or wherever you are.

Open the lids, spin round the smart try to transform into a practical lap play surface. Teebee’s unique patented shape fits comfortably between the thighs when seated and is easy to carry with grab handle that can also fasten to backpacks and luggage.

Use it your way, ideally suited for creative toys from Lego to beads and collectables to snacks. With Trunki Teebee parents have a perfect response to “are we nearly there yet”

Rob Law, Creator and CEO of Trunki said â€“ ‘After riding the pandemic, its exciting to be able to launch this great staycation solution. Teebee is a perfect addition to our portfolio of innovative travel products, with an award winning Danish design pedigree that busts the bordom for families on the go!

Our UK manufacturing factory, Magma Moulding in Plymouth will be rolling these off our production line using only renewable energy from November 2021.’

Micheal Co Founder of TeeBee â€“ ‘We were thrilled to have secured a bright future for TeeBee with the global distribution power of Trunki. TeeBee was invented for making travelling with children more fun for the entire family, the result, a toy product that encourages children’s creative play and as an alternative to screentime on the go! 

TeeBee will now reach even more families looking for solutions on the go and we’re delighted it will be made with a significantly lower carbon footprint now it’s re shored from China!’

The Trunki Teebee toybox and play tray will be available in four different colours, has a 2ltr capacity, detachable carry handle, plus inside a removeable brick tray, removeable smart tray, plus face stickers for personalisation, an activity booklet, and colouring pencils.


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