Vivid Goliath had a bumper 2021 and, despite the logistic challenges faced by the industry, Crayola, games, and toy categories all enjoyed growth.


The group expects to grow a further 8% in 2022, fuelled by new product innovations across all key categories.

Sustainability is at the forefront for Recyclings – a new launch to the collectables sector that sees a range made from 70% recycled plastic (stopping seven bottle caps going into landfill for each character made). Collectable characters vary from Dumplings to Dragons, Hotdogs to Handbags and Popcorn to Pandas, with more than 100 to collect. The range is supported by digital marketing and TV advertising.   

Continuing in the collectable aisle, YouTube sensation Love Diana saw a strong launch at retail in 2021. Building on the success of the 2.5in and 3.5in mini figures and playsets, there will be a Series 2 refresh and a new Mermaid Magic theme supported by content on the Love Diana channel, cementing her as the number two most popular YouTuber behind Ryan’s World.  

Animagic aims to delight young children by offering lifelike pets and play patterns. Mum and baby gorilla duo Tiki and Toko enjoyed a celebrity press event last September that delivered high levels of national press coverage, generating more than 338 million impressions. Adding to the Gorillas and the pup Waggles, Goliath is launching Let’s Go Gecko, a scurrying palm-sized best friend that offers endless character, sounds, and lights.  

Goliath is also proud to unveil a historically successful brand in the form of Skydancers. Reimagined from the ’90s classic and featuring the same magical play, the Skydancer characters will captivate the imagination of a new generation when they take flight. The marketing campaign includes PR and a celebrity launch event, along with TV and digital campaigns.  

In the preschool aisle, one in three kids in the UK now own a Ryan’s World toy and 2021 saw the strongest year yet, with sales up 20% year-on-year. Moving into Series 9 for A/W, there will be more newness across the core range along with a new theme – Titan Universe – which includes a limited-edition collection of
heroic Ryan’s World figures and those all-important Eggs as well as a Titronic Treasure Chest.

On the back of the fidget toy and TikTok craze, the Science4You range will launch a DIY Fidget Toy Kit, allowing children to make their own fidgets and learn about the science behind them. Other introductions for A/W are the Super Rocket Launch and Ocean Rescue Set.  

Although the weather isn’t warm yet, Goliath will be bringing the sun to Toy Fair with the Australian outdoor range Wahu. From the Phlat Ball through to Wingblade, Zoom Ball, Super Wubble, Wubble Rumblers and a new range of wet and wild garden fun, there’s something for everyone.

And if you think you only have one job coming to Toy Fair, think again! The new party game You Had One Job is one of four introductions to the party category, along with Say Less, Don’t Draw the Short Straw and Rainbow Pirates (which has already sold out in the US and enjoys 4.7-star reviews online). And, on the back of the success of the true crime genre on TV and podcasts, as well as strong sales of new games Unsolved Case Files and There’s Been a Murder, Goliath is extending its dedicated range for A/W to include four new games, including Casefile and the murder-solving game The Night Terror! The range will also include puzzles, where the mystery is unveiled as the puzzle is put together.

Meanwhile, The Floor is Lava game continues to garner celebrity endorsements on social channels and will be joined this year by The Floor is Lava Family Edition, where players will find more obstacles, more challenges, and more ways to play together as a family.

In the kids’ skill & action category, Chompin’ Charlie – a determined Squirrel gathering up all his nuts for the winter – was a sell-out success last year in the US and will be added to the UK line-up for A/W. Chompin’ Charlie, along with One Trick Pony, Chicken Poo Bingo and Trash Stash will all be at Toy Fair ready to play.  

Finally, Crayola’s Colours of the World range, which launched in 2021, will continue into 2022 with crayons, pencils and markers bolstered by a new colouring book. Colour Wonder introduces the much-anticipated licence Bluey to an already strong portfolio of preschool character favourites, as well as the new Adventure Pups theme for Paw Patrol. 

Making a splash in 2022, Colour ‘n’ Style Friends will dive under the sea with a range of magical mermaids that allows kids to enjoy even more hair play and mermaid-themed creations that can be redesigned again and again including a holiday driver playset. 

Washimals sees the introduction of a super salon with five different ways to customise the pets, including new pearlescent paint, washable stickers, and scented spray within a large-scale salon playset. The gravity-defying Paint-sation range sees the introduction of a new Flip ‘n’ Spin Artists Pallet and Paint ‘n’ Stamp studio, which gives budding artists the opportunity to paint anytime and anywhere thanks to its spill-proof painting system. 

And the Crayola Super Glow Art Studio gives kids the power to create art that glows in the dark. An illuminating way to create using just rays of light (no ink or paint is required), the reusable surface provides hours of non-stop creative fun. Use the light wand to create glowing artwork that comes to life in the dark – turn out the lights and watch your drawings glow.

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