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With over £9.5 million in retail sales in the UK, and recommended all over the national press, family games specialist Wild Card Games keeps adding to its range of award-winning games. Top sellers Who Knows Where (World edition), Ski Run, Globe Runner, Mapominoes, Frenzi and Backpacker and award winners Arithmanix and Astronauts are joined by an exciting new family quiz game about the UK.

The new edition of Who Knows Where is the ultimate game about the UK and Ireland. Guess the location on the map board of cities, towns, events, facts, famous sites and photos of iconic landmarks. Simple, fun and educational for all. Different ways to play can make the game easier or harder and thus accessible, appealing and inclusive for different ages and abilities. Essential for anyone who lives in or is interested in discovering more about England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and Ireland, and very popular with the increased interest in our countries and growth in staycationing.

Popular year-round sellers Backpacker, the Mapominoes series and Who Knows Where have sold well over 570,000 games in the UK and continue to win more fans.

Wildcard Games makes shopping easier with fun best-selling games that cover a wide range of popular interests and game types so there is something for everyone age six to adult. From travel, geography and maps, to skiing, space and pirates. Whether you want quizzes, something educational or anarchic party fun or the ultimate test of speed or memory. They’ve got the game for you that will bring everyone together.

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