Winning Moves UK marketing manager Jack Probyn says: “We would like to start by saying how excited we all are to see you at Toy Fair. We can’t believe that what feels like only a few months, has turned out to be two years. And, oh boy, a lot has happened since then. 


“Global logistic problems and puzzle booms aside, Winning Moves has adapted to the ebb and flow that the pandemic has thrown at us. We’ve launched a multitude of board games and card games across several brands and even more licences; we’ve split up and restructured our Top Trumps brand to better fit it into the markets; and we’ve partnered with some of the world’s biggest organisations. Where to begin?

“Let’s start with what we’ve been up to. In short, we’ve been busy. To keep up with the increased demand that surged during lockdowns, Winning Moves has increased its puzzle offering four-fold, from less than 10 SKUs to more than 50, featuring some of the latest and hottest licences and old favourites, as well as some seasonal editions. Puzzles such as our Elf 1,000 piece, Only Fools and Horses 1,000 piece, and our Among Us range (of which we’re its chosen puzzle supplier), are a few that spring to mind. 

“When we’re not busying ourselves with puzzles, we’re finding new and innovative ways to develop and diversify our brands. During the summer of 2020 we launched Pass the Pugs: an exciting update to our popular and much-loved Pass the Pigs. And for 2022, we’re releasing a giant inflatable version, perfect for summer holidays and pool parties. 

“And we’ve been teaming up with some of the biggest companies in the world. At the beginning of 2021, using the Top Trumps brand, we partnered with McDonald’s in a nationwide campaign to spread awareness about the brand and the product. Millions of packs were produced and placed into Happy Meals up and down the country. We did it again in the summer, focusing on a licensed edition of Top Trumps with Minions 2: The Rise of Gru going into several million
Happy Meals. 

“And now, we’ve done it again, this time diversifying and innovating by using some of our other brands: WHOT!, Pass the Pigs, LexGo!, and Top Trumps Quiz. Several variations of these games have been turned into playable card games and are also appearing in Happy Meals during the spring. 

“Plus, in preparation for COP26 in Glasgow, we partnered with Natwest to run a promotion for schoolchildren featuring COP26 Top Trumps made by kids for world leaders to sit up and take note of climate change issues!

“Now we’ve turned our attention to 2022, and the next range of games for families and children and games lovers to enjoy. We have a whole host of games we’re excited to announce, but we won’t share them here – you’ll have to visit our stand at F40. (All right, we’ll give you a sneak preview: one of the products we’re most excited about is the new Super Mario WHOT!, arriving in the summer). We can’t wait to see you, hear your stories, and show you what we’ve got in store.” 

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