2022 marks an important milestone for one of the world’s best-known brands for animated content.

Winx Club, the hit created by Iginio Straffi launched in 2004, is riding a year of celebrations and news. For the occasion, the Italian-based Rainbow group has deployed a host of brand resources and activities, developing the brand’s multipotential with new lines and events for young adults, to thank the fans who have grown up with the brand and continue to evolve with them.

The latest edition of Giffoni Film Festival held last July was the backdrop for the Winx Club celebrations. The first part of a day and evening of celebrations, hosted by the Italian producers of the hit-series, welcomed its young adult fans. Held at Italy’s most important event for kids and young adult viewers, annually launching new IPs and unveiling the audience evolving preferences, Winx Club’s 18 years have been welcomed in the perfect setting to remember the most memorable highlights from season one of Winx Club, restored and mixed to delight fans.

In the evening the company hosted a very special party for its older fans. Entitled “Winx Club 2004: Back to Alfea” the event took place in the beautiful green setting of Giardino degli Aranci, and a night full of music and magical entertainment themed around Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna and Aisha, ensured all guests could come together and celebrate the important eighteen-year milestone alongside Rainbow.

Wrapped within a magical atmosphere, fans flocked from all over Italy to celebrate the anniversary of the timeless classic, created and produced in Italy, and which has made the Winx fairies’ icons of style, as well as a source of inspiration for its millions of fans.

Guests entered the party through the Alfea portal and tunnel, on a magenta carpet encased between balloons and themed installations reimagining the fairies’ world. A stage of music featuring some of the Winx Club’s most iconic songs entertained guests throughout the evening, as well as a modern-take on the inevitable photocall, web-themed games and fairy inspired cocktails and foods.
A magical party inspired by eighteen years of global broadcast and licensing success, achieved by constantly evolving stories, a style that is always on the cutting edge, a passion for magic and dedication to the audience. Winx Club has been piling up successes to become an appealing saga for all target groups, also thanks to the show powered by Netflix with a YA target audience. FATE: The Winx Saga, is already in its second live action season, launching on 16 September 2022 to take the Winx dream even further. And the news for this 2022 does not end there. Stay tuned.

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