Wow! Stuff’s own in-house creation, Nano Pods, are heading to the US after the independent home grown innovator inked a deal with Mattel Inc to act as its distributor in America.

The Nano Pods, dubbed the connectable collectible, feature licensed characters in a hexagonal pod, which can be connected together, using franchises such as Marvel, Disney, Wizarding World and TMNT.

Richard North, President, Wow! Stuff, said: “For Mattel to come on board as the North American distribution partner for NANO PODS is a huge opportunity and we are so pleased to be partnering with them on this milestone moment for our company. The team at Mattel have shared their excitement for NANO PODS with us from day one and they have been a real pleasure to work with.

“We’re excited to see where Mattel takes the brand and look forward to them replicating the momentum that’s building in the UK, Europe and Asia where every major toy retailer is listing the line.”

“We are excited to welcome Wow! Stuff and the Nano Pods to Mattel,” says PJ Lewis, Vice President and Global Head of Action Figures at Mattel. “The product is quite simply irresistible and highly collectible. The IP breadth, connectability of the pods, and character connectivity really make the Nano Pods unique, and a great new way for Mattel to connect with fans of each character.”

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