In the first year of its commitment to plastic-free packaging, Zapf Creation has cut production of single-use plastic by over 65 tonnes – the equivalent weight of 10 African elephants!

The manufacturer behind nurturing doll brands Baby Annabell and BABY born committed to plastic-free packaging in January 2021. It has since banned single-use plastics including cable ties, viewing windows, plastic bags and blister packs from all of its new packaging. This makes unboxing easier and more fun for children and parents, with fewer fiddly ties and no need for scissors – plus it can be disposed of alongside household recycling to be repurposed again and again.

Zapf’s plastic-free packaging is easily identifiable by the sunflower logo which can be found on the front of their boxes and is being made even more prominent for their on-shelf presence this year.

Sustainability in toys is becoming an increasingly important consideration in purchasing decisions, with a recent study from German toy fair Spielwarenmesse showing that 60% of respondents consider toys, alongside clothing and food, to be among the most important categories in relation to sustainability.

The study also found that 62% of parents now believe that sustainably produced toys are not just a passing fad and will continue to be a permanent element in the range of goods available. The longevity of Zapf Creation‘s toys supports this shift in consumer decision-making, with many of the brand’s products being loved over generations.

Zapf Creation head of marketing UK Kasia Leskow said: “2021 saw us take our first major step in reducing single-use plastic across our Zapf creation brands. Our commitment to going plastic-free with our packaging is in line with both our company beliefs, as well as a growing call for more environmentally-friendly solutions from parents and children alike. We are very proud that the changes we’ve made so far have reduced single-use plastic production by over 65 tonnes in just 12 months, and we will continue to drive this across our entire product range in 2022.”

Zapf Creation remains on target with its commitment to have all products in plastic-free packaging by the end of 2022, not only across the UK but the whole of Europe.

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