ZURU is set to expand its Rainbocorns plush line further with news it is to launch on gaming platform Roblox from March. 

Players will be able to go on an immersive journey into Rainboville and collect and care for their own Rainbocorns at the same time as completing quests. 

The brand is currently number three in the UK’s traditional plush category according to Circana and its ongoing webisodes and licensing programme are continuing to grow the brand. 

ZURU general manager, UK & Ireland Will Collinson said: “Rainbocorns continues on an upward trajectory with both consumers and for the business. The brand has been a massive hit since launching eight years ago, and we’ve seen it go from strength to strength, year-on-year. Unrivalled play value combined with classic, nurturing themes, favourite animals, fantasy characters, and an exciting unboxing experience, has led to double-digit growth for the brand year-on-year, and thus far, 32 million Rainbocorns eggs hatched since launch.”

“Roblox provides the opportunity to broaden the Rainbocorns experience and for children to enjoy this in an engaged and safe environment that we know appeals to them.  Kids are engaging with brands they already know within the Roblox universe, and we’re seeing how the platform drives purchasing decisions in the same way that animated content can.

“The brand remains a growth property for the business and our cross-platform approach captures recognition across multiple touchpoints.  Not only is the Roblox Rainbocorns world designed off our Rainboville map that is integrated throughout our product and webisode content, but we will also see music from the Rainbocorns album during the gameplay as well as the brand Jingle integrated into play as an auditory accompaniment when players receive a reward.  We’re excited to see players’ reactions to the game, and already have planned future iterations lined up and ready to go!”

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